What are cookies

Cookies are small files which store information about users "browsing habits and are sent from websites to users" terminals (computer, tablet etc.)

Cookies allow the user's device to be recognized every time he/she accesses a website. They ensure that the website operates as efficiently as possible, make the user's visit a more valuable experience and supply the website owners with information.

Some cookies are eliminated automatically at the end of the browsing session, while others remain stored on terminals, normally housed in the browser being used (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc).

Current legislation on privacy (Italian Leg. Decree No. 196 dated 30 June 2003), recently amended when the Directives 2009/136/EC and 2009/140/EC were implemented, identifies two categories of cookies:

   -  those for which the website manager only needs to provide an information note;

   -  those for which an information note is not enough, because the individual user needs to provide their prior consent;

For more information on cookies and privacy you can consult  the special leaflet; prepared by the Garante della Privacy(Privacy Ombudsman).


How Fondazione FS Italiane uses cookies

Fondazione FS Italiane  uses cookies to compile full statistics on use of the website, improve the website and enrich the user's experience.


How to control cookies?

You can control cookies by changing the preferences of the Internet browser that you use. You can accept all cookies, accept just some of them or reject them all.

If you decided to block all cookies (including the essential ones), you may find it impossible to gain access to certain areas of the website or use the services they offer.

Disabling Cookies

You can now set all browsers not to accept cookies. However, disabling cookies permanently may cause difficulties in navigation or, sometimes, limit the availability of certain website functions.

Here is a list of the various procedures for disabling cookies according to the most commonly-used browsers: For cookie settings with browsers not included in the list, you will need to refer to help documentation prepared by the browser producer.

Internet Explorer 8.0+:

Click on “Tools” in the menu bar and select “Internet Options”

Click on the “Privacy” tab in the top part

Drag the scroll down device until you reach “Block all cookies”

Firefox 4.0+:

Click on “Tools” in the menu bar

Select “Options”

Click on the “Privacy” tab

Select the box “Tell the website I do not want to be tracked”


Click on the “Chrome Menu” in the browser tool bar.

Select “Settings”

Click on “Under the Hood”

In the Privacy section, click on “Content settings”.

In the “Cookie” section, select “Ignore exceptions and block third party cookie settings”.

Safari 5.0

Click on the Safari menu and select “Preferences”

Click on the “Privacy” tab

In the “Accept cookies” section, indicate whether you accept cookies always, never or only from visited websites. Click on the question mark Guide button for an explanation of the various options.

If Safari is set to block cookies, it may be necessary to accept them temporarily to open the page. So, repeat the aforesaid steps and select “Always”. Once you have finished using the Guide, disable the cookies again and remove them.

For specific information on cookies and how to manage them, you can visit the English website


Visiting and browsing in the site means you implicitly consent to receiving cookies.

Nevertheless, as explained above, users can also decide not to receive cookies by using the appropriate disabling option in their browser.

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